Change comes from the bottom, and that is not a bad thing. Collectively, we have the ability to influence decision makers and to demand that our representatives look out for the interests of the public. It is about balancing business with people.

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2. Share what you know. Have the courage to speak up and to influence change by talking with others about this issue. Ask for the future you want for yourself and for future generations.

3. SEND A COMMENT TO FSD:  On July 17, 2015 Fraser Surrey Docks (FSD) opened up round two of their public consultation phase regarding their application to Port Metro Vancouver to amend their coal permit. They want to use a combination of barges and Panamax ships at their facility to ship US thermal coal to Asia. FSD has opened up a comment period until August 21, 2015.  We have joined forces again with several other groups to create a website to track comments, whereby keeping the process public and transparent. To learn more, and submit a comment to Fraser Surrey Docks, Click Here.

4. Fraser Surrey Docks has applied for a liquid waste permit from Metro Vancouver. They need this to dispose of the dirty coal laden water, which comes from the collection of water used for things such as dust suppression systems, washing down of equipment/facility, and rainwater.  Some of the water will be recycled on site, but the rest they want to dispose of into the Metro Sewage System.  If granted a permit, they must pre-treat the contaminated water to a certain standard before releasing as per the sewage bylaw, but there are questions as to whether their application and proposed processes are adequate? Metro Vancouver has since closed its public to comment period (on April 9/15), however, to learn more about what we, along with over 3000 others had to say, CLICK HERE.

5. Listen to our CKNW radio ad (click here), and ask the Province to take action by ordering a Health Impact Assessment.

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